A 39-year-old Man Cannot Be Underestimated

We feel there is nothing wrong with Lukman Sardi being crowned as our STAR OF THE YEAR. This is the time. Such moments are rarely found in our country. An artist get an absolute credibility status within one year. Who can do?

The son of a big star, yet he was surprisingly far from glam life. Practically normal social life. Almost nobody knows that he pursued acting before Gie (2005). In his childhood, he has supported a number of films such as: Kembang-Kembang Plastik (1978) and Pengemis dan Tukang Becak (1979). But it's in a film directed by Riri Riza that Lukman finally found his momentum.

Post-Gie, he's done a great leap forward from a supporting to a leading role in Rudi Soedjarwo's 9 Naga. Unexpectedly, his appearance as a hitman bagged him applause that never subsides. Dozens of films have been completed in short years. Perhaps, other than Tora Sudiro, he was the busiest actor in this decade. Although some of Lukman's works were not too good.

Can we say, he fell several times in choosing roles. These include: Pesan dari Surga (2006), The Photograph (2007), Kawin Kontrak (2008) and Merah Putih (2009). In the first film, he couldn't turn himself into a gay naturally. He looked so awkward. In the last three films, he (again) looked plain and lack of self-confidence.

Lukman's eyes are not only his strength but also his weakness in the same way. With this eye, he can play all the different kinds of genres and roles. But with this forte he can't help it either. Lukman's eyes are the eyes of actors, very honest.

No doubt, hard work and dedication has paid off very well. Some of best offerings from Lukman, among others e.g. : as Herman Lantang in Gie (2005), as Marwan in 9 Naga (2006), as Paklik in Berbagi Suami (2006), as Umar in Nagabonar Jadi 2 (2007), as Piktor in Quickie Express (2007), as Aryan Hidayat in In the Name of Love (2008), as Gandang in May (2008), as Yopie in Red CobeX (2010), as Amir in -he's playing better here than before- Darah Garuda (2010) and of course... as Ahmad Dahlan in Sang Pencerah (2010).

In the full hands of Hanung Bramantyo, Lukman finally has the reputation as an actor of calibre. This was the coveted role of any actors. Being the title role, playing in the biopic film, technically speaking; was one of this year's best! Lukman has been deserved for this great role. He successfully placed himself in the front line with this work.

Do you still need a proof? Sang Pencerah had innumerable of wonderful scenes and sequences. A random example, a sequence at the Kweekschool Jetis, Yogyakarta. When he teaches first-class students about the importance of saying "Alhamdulillah". Things only Lukman can do.

We could care less about the Festival Film Indonesia (FFI) result this year. Because one admirable work has been wasted there. Yes, hopefully Lukman and Hanung know that their film was successful commercially and artistically, also becomes our nation's pride. Plus, there was a reliable actor in it!

(MG/231210. Photo Credit: Lukman Sardi)