Atiqah Hasiholan: New LUX Star Indonesia

Well, honestly we don't know what to say except WOW!

Our happiness knows no bounds, because our last year's Star of the Year has just been named as the New LUX Star Indonesia. With all its joy, Mellyana's Guardians (MG) congratulate Atiqah Hasiholan for the title.

In fact, some of new LUX star candidates have been leaked several times. But only Atiqah Hasiholan, Acha Septriasa, Marsha Timothy, and Julie Estelle came to our mind. We're pretty sure about them. This idea has also been reinforced by ISI (Indonesia's Showbiz Insiders) poll on their website, only a surprise of Carissa Puteri.

And a very proud thing for us, a member of MG's team had mentioned two years ago, that the most prospective new LUX star was Atiqah. Yes, thanks to Rudi who's explicitly posted predictions and photos of Atiqah on Detik Forum, in 2008 :)

Now what? Let this night, and the following nights be the first step for Atiqah to achieve her dreams in the world she's always been in love, acting.

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Link Credits: Kompas, Berita 21, Kapanlagi, ISI
Photo Credit: LUX Indonesia



Anonymous said...

kurang ngeh kalau dia ini namanya atiqah....cuman sering main FTV dan taunya anaknya ratna sarumpaet hehe.
ternyata dia cantik banget khas wanita Indonesia :) dukung banget laaaa sebagai brand ambass LUX baru :) :)

Anonymous said...

Selamat ya Atiqah (dina kusumawardani - bekasi)

Anonymous said...

Oh iya MG punya foto Atiqah waktu terpilih jadi star of the year tidak? mau dong dikirim ke saya. terima kasih (dina)